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The Internet has changed and progressed rapidly in the last 10 years. To compete online, a website has to load fast, be aesthetically pleasing and work well behind the scenes with the search engine robots. WordPress is a tool that allows WordPress developers creative flexibility and built-in coding that gets websites seen by customers and fans. WordPress offers the ability to organize a site’s content and place it on the web so that search engines know how to rank it correctly. Plus it does a whole lot more.

One of the most important reasons why website design teams use WordPress is its search engine optimization capabilities. SEO is the bread-and-butter of ranking your website online. WordPress has features that relate to SEO and the ranking of your website. A top feature involves permalinks. These are the URLs of every webpage on your site. When you’re searching for a particular item on one of the popular search engines, you’ll see listings and then click on them. These listings are the permalinks of website pages. Why is this important? WordPress allows you the capability of typing in specific keywords and keyword phrases into those permalinks. Search engines will then categorize those permalinks into specific categories relating to those keywords. This helps users find topics that you specialize in. Your website pages are seen and not sitting in the wastelands of search engine hell.

Themes are abundant when you’re using the WordPress platform. No site looks the same when you borrow free themes from the Internet and tweak them or design new ones to fit the needs of your website. WordPress downloads with a generic theme. A Toronto WordPress design company that employs top-notch professionals has the ability to change that theme with the push of a button. There are literally thousands of predesigned skins to choose from on the Internet, but a good WordPress design company will have the ability to create any type of design you desire. The flexible theme function combined with the superb search engine optimization capabilities of WordPress makes it one powerful website building system. There are more goodies though.

WordPress is based on an open software system. This allows expert web designers and coding gurus the ability to create new features for the content management system. That’s a huge advantage over boxed website design packages. If a website owner comes up with an idea that will potentially bring in many more visitors to the website, a proficient coding expert will be able to customize the WordPress design or create a new plugin for the software.

Plugins are excellent features that crank up the using power of the WordPress platform. Thousands of plugins are available already for website design  companies to install. If not though, a coder can usually come up with a plugin that allows the website owner to implement his idea. Plugins allow a WordPress user to add contact forms, create backups of their files each night or add locations and interactive maps to individual pages that their customers might find valuable.

This content management software also has a default RSS feed tool included. When a post is completed and the user hits the publish button, the article that was just written is sent to a feed directory that users can tap into. For convenience, website readers will browse and consume the feeds of numerous websites in one single place using feed reading software. This gets your message out and also provides a link back to your website which is beneficial for search engine optimization.

Automatic pinging of your website is another beneficial feature that WordPress has installed into its software. Search engines send out robots to scan your website and the content that’s created. When new content is posted, an automatic ping is sent to the search engine company which allows it to unleash the robots for scanning. When content is created for a site that’s time critical, this is an important feature that’s very useful.

You can see why New Jersey website design companies use WordPress for building creative and search engine friendly websites. Professional website design teams have the ability to turn this powerful software into some of the best looking websites on the Internet. Even better, those websites get found by paying customers and fans.

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