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With big data taking over the conversation in almost every aspect of today’s online world, it’s no surprise that the need for tools to help you better visualize data has increased a lot in the past couple of years. Even more, the human mind can learn and understand any type of information a lot better if it’s displayed in a visually-appealing form. For instance, instead of cramming all the stats about a certain industry in a tedious paragraph, you could create a nice infographic. Bonus: infographics and charts are more likely to be shared via social media, so you’ve got another reason to keep on reading.

If you’re ready to wow your customers and social media followers with engaging content, you need to know which the best data visualization plugins for WordPress are:

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

This plugin helps you create interactive charts and graphs using data stored in a Google Spreadsheet, a CSV file, a MySQL database, or even the output of a Google Apps Script. Even more, it has a built-in cache that will provide extra speed to your readers.

If you care about privacy, then we have good news: you can use this WordPress data visualization plugin to share your charts and graphs with either everyone or a selected few who receive your link.

WordPress Charts

Despite its somewhat bland name, this WordPress plugin can help you create and customize any type of chart or graph: line graphs, doughnut graphs, pie charts, polar areas, radar charts and bar graphs are some of the options you can try.

Better yet, all of these charts and graphs can be animated and, if you’re worried about storage space, you need to know that the WordPress Charts plugin is extremely lightweight – only 4.5 KB.


Visualizer is a free data visualization WordPress plugin; if you’re not willing to spend hours learning how to operate a plugin, this is the way to go, as Visualizer is very user-friendly. With its help, you can embed, create and manage up to 9 types of interactive charts in your WordPress-based website. As data sources, you can use both Google Spreadsheets and files that you upload from your computer.

Visualizer’s top feature is the responsive chart design – irrespective of the mobile or desktop device your readers are using, the charts will be displayed correctly and fit on every screen type.


If you like options, then go right ahead and download this WordPress plugin that offers you no less than 18 different types of chart. You can easily import the data from an Excel or Calc file and your chart will be ready in just three quick steps.

We think it’s pretty easy to use, but if you’re feeling lost, checkout this YouTube video that explains how to use the plugin and get the most out of its features.

Iced Visualization Charts

Want to stick to basics? Iced Visualization Charts is a very lightweight WordPress plugin that help you create the three most common types of charts: bar graphs, column graphs and pie charts. It’s nothing fancy, just a simple and straightforward tool.

However, its main appeal stems from the fact that you can input the data directly in your WordPress editor, showing once again that this is the ideal plugin for people who don’t work with tons of data and who want to keep things as uncomplicated as possible.

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