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For a long time WordPress was a tool for making websites, especially blogs, a good tool, but still. But nowadays it’s a content management system used by web designers and there are a lot of sites that are done with the help of it, and thanks to the productivity of WordPress, they all are worthy and unique. And for those who believe the WP to be a hobby for amateurs, here is gone: the top 10 websites of 2015 made out of WordPress.

1. Worry Free Labs

( (headquarter – New York)

The website was made over 10 years ago to design and build digital experiences. It was made using WordPress and HTML5, like most web agencies.

2. Web Courses Bangkok

Web Courses Bangkok


It’s a leading web and graphic training centre. They teach web, graphic design and online marketing. By now they’ve taught over two thousand participants in online and on-site classes to people from over 20 different countries.

3. Mario Batali

Mario Batali


Here chef Mario Batali shows his restaurant, recipes and products. You can connect him, search through his blog where he’s now and watch chef’s videos. His motto is “people love looking at food”.

4. 6wunderkinder



The website was the best app in 2013, so as it makes life easier. It’s an organizer. A wunderlist is good when you go shopping, when you plan going abroad or just if you have a busy life. The simple application is working well and saving your time.

5. Tornobambino



It’s a small creative studio of design and development in Italy. They make websites, applications, even WordPress themes, custom plugins and so on. The explanation of the website name is in the motto of the company: “The creative adult is the child who survived”

6. Captain Creative

Captain Creative

( (Australia)

The host of the site is a real superhero. But on the Internet. “A passionate pixel punching problem solving perfectionist” that’s how he calls himself. The website deals with design and art direction. It combines his portfolio and blog.

7. Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols


The site made by Pod1 for the luxury fashion destination Harvey Nichols. It delivers luxury shopping with flexible design.

8. Tinkering monkey



A super decision of a website for a woodworking-studio heading in the… garage! It sells nice goods for everyday life. The hand-made beauty deserves such a creative and usable website.

9. Jess Marks Photography

 Jess Marks Photography


They prefer and offer live photos without build compositions for a couple to be themselves and to be happy in their wedding day.

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