When you need to tell your story

So, when else do you need a custom WordPress theme?

  • You have a unique business model or vision
  • You want a personalized look for your website with custom color tools and fonts
  • You want your website to stand out against your competitors
  • You have ambitious goals for developing your website
  • You want responsive layout which looks great on all devices

A unique custom WordPress theme will provide your website with a distinctive brand identity that represents your business vision. A customized WordPress theme gives businesses a larger playground to explore designing avenues to reflect their ideology.  In customized WordPress themes, businesses have this immense availability to alter designs, themes and styling including background and fonts etc. This helps in transforming a basic web design to create your preferred design. At Toronto WordPress Designers, our biggest priority is to offer you a well designed and well coded website – one that will give support to the growth of your business. From the basic design concepts, to building and launching your well coded website, we will keep your brand identity and business model our main focus. We can bring your concepts to life and create a stunning website for your business.

Our process

  • Consult with clients about their requirements
  • Suggest ideas according to business model and client requirements
  • Create a prototype
  • Design theme in Photoshop
  • Develop an HTML/CSS framework (theme)
  • Install and test the theme
  • Make changes in the theme if required by the client
  • Present the exclusively designed and coded theme to the client

From the creation of a custom WordPress theme to the coded website, Toronto WordPress Developers confer with the clients and focus on their requirements. We design websites which are attractive, responsive and easily manageable. Each custom WordPress theme is developed by keeping in focus the unique brand identity of the business and its vision. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the website we create for their business is exactly the one that they wanted all along. With a combination of stunning web design, distinct implementation, and uncompromising quality, we at Toronto WordPress Developers offer our services for designing custom WordPress themes to our clients.

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