As an entrepreneur, your job is to bring as much revenue as possible to your company. In theory, technology should help you do just that. But more often than not, technology takes up too much of your time. One eloquent example for this is WordPress maintenance, or making sure that your website is always safe for both you and the visitors and that it functions impeccably. We know that very few business owners have the time or the technical skills to do that; this is why we launched the WordPress maintenance service.

“Help, My WordPress Website Has Been Hacked!”

Do not wait until this happens, make sure your website is fully secured.

WordPress Security check list:

  • Enable Pingback Protection: WP XML-RPC functionality and you want to enable protection against WordPress pingback vulnerabilities.
  • Block Access to debug.log File: block access to the debug.log file
  • Remove WP Generator Meta Info:  Hacker/Spamer Can’t Findout your wordpress Version.
  • Login Lockdown Feature:  When Someone Try to access on your admin accout , he/she automatically Suspended from your website. Instantly Lockout Invalid Usernames. Admin receive an email when someone has been locked out due to maximum failed login attempts.
  • Max Login Attempts:  5 times Wrong User or Password.
  • Enable Force WP User Logout:  Force a wp user to be logged out after a configured amount of time. 60 Minutes Login Sesson Time.
  • Enable Captcha On Registration Page:  Hacker/Spammer Can’t use automatic User Registration software.
  • Enable Automated Scheduled Backups: Per 3 days After you get database file from your email.
    root directory, wp-includes, .htaccess, wp-admin/index.php , wp-admin/js/,   wp-content/themes/, wp-content/plugins, wp-content, wp-config.php
  • Hacker/Spamer Can’t access on this file. So that they can’t inject Maleware code in your website.
  • Disable Ability To Edit PHP Files: User, Hacker Can’t Edit  .PHP File. So they can’t add malware code in your website.
  • Prevent Access to WP Default Install Files: Hacker Can’t Access WordPress Core file.
  • Disable Index Views:  Disable directory and file listing
  • Disable Trace and Track: Spam Site/Hacker Can’t Track Activity Access log.
  • Deny Bad Query Strings: Website Filter BAD php query String. When hacker try to find out the database access.
  • Enable Advanced Character String Filter:  If someone try to access unknown String/text URL , they can’t always Show 404 not found.
  • Enable 5G Firewall Protection: The 5G Blacklist is a simple, flexible blacklist that helps reduce the number of malicious URL requests that hit your website.
  • Block Fake Googlebots: Some Hacker try to creat Fake google bot & than try to access on your website. now hacker can’t send google fake bot.
  • Prevent Image Hotlinking: User can’t use your website Image on thir website.
  • Enable Captcha On Custom Login Form
  • Enable Captcha On  Login Form
  • Enable Captcha On Password Lost Form
  • Minimum number of SPAM comments: If Someone comment Maximum using Software, they automatacally suspended on your website.
  • Enable iFrame Protection: Can’t track your website.

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